The Best All-in-One Solution For Your Mutual Fund Business

Whether you are a Financial Institution, Fund Distributor, Fund House, or Asset Manager – we are right here to skyrocket your business!

AMFEX proprietary software is innovative FinTech design to onboard the entire workflow of your business in a one-stop-shop package – Customer on-board, Back office, Dealing desk and Mutual Fund product dashboard displaying real-time NAV -- fully customized and branded for your own business!

White Label MFTrader Software

The MFTrader Software is your 24/7 solution to interact with your customers in real time. From real time NAV reporting to instant fund news delivery to pdf fact sheets, MFTrader provides unparallel flexibility of interaction with your customers. MFTrader offers an extremely easy integration with your fund accounting and compliance software as well as your custodian services.

Your Advantage

  • Innovative B2C interface as a stand-alone platform, web based or mobile app under your own name.
  • Tailor-made console for client onboarding.
  • AML and KYC risk-profiling with embedded compliance features.
  • Multicurrency live NAV display and a conversion mechanism into a base currency.
  • Dealing desk and position monitoring.
  • Back-office functional module covering administration and reporting functions.
  • 24/6 Technical and administrative support with multi-lingual capability.
  • Software updates as they happen.

Deliver a brand new, exciting and user-friendly investment experience to your customers

  • Fast, completely paperless and contactless account opening process.
  • Single gateway to the essential information for Mutual Fund products.
  • Easily accessible Mutual Fund overview tool: Analysis, live price changes of thousands of Mutual Fund products in multiple countries around the world.
  • Smooth, logical investment process allowing customers to observe their orders and transaction status in real-time.
  • Client dashboard providing portfolio track, reporting and management of all Mutual Fund investments and transactions from one place.

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