Your fund distribution Gateway

Australian Mutual Funds Exchange (AMFEX) is the distribution gateway for your funds in Australia and beyond.

With the sales offices in Latin America, Middle East, Asia and Europe as well as online distribution centers, your fund can be visible to thousands of potential customers. With just a click away, retail, qualified investors, family offices, small financial institutions and money managers will be able to locate your funds on our AMFEX platform.

Thanks to our licensed entities in Australia, Asia, GCC and Europe, online platform and mobile app our bespoke distribution service will support, facilitate and standardize the cross-border distribution of your funds.

Whether you promote your funds to retail, professional or insitutional investors, AMFEX offers customized distribution solutions to raise capital and increase your funds’ exposure. Our distribution channels combined with our experience and knowledge will help you to maximize your opportunities for success.

Tailored Fund Distribution Services

  • New Market Entry
  • Customized Distribution Strategies
  • Multijurisdictional Distribution
  • Fund Information/Data Publishing
  • Marketing Material Review
  • Client Due Diligence
  • AMFEX Fund Platform Listing

White Lable MFTrader Software

The MFTrader Software is your 24/7 solution to interact with your customers in real time. From real time NAV reporting to instant fund news delivery to pdf fact sheets, MFTrader offers unparallel flexibility of interaction with your customers. MFTrader offers an extremely easy integration with your fund accounting and compliance software as well as your custodian services.

  • Client’s interface as a stand-alone platform, web based or mobile app under your own name.
  • Back office and customer onboarding module.
  • Fully set of KYC and AML embedded compliance features.
  • Multicurrency NAV display and a conversion mechanism into a base currency.
  • Dealing desk and position monitoring.

Call or email us to have your fund/s to be distributed by AMFEX.