AMFEX is owned, managed and operated by a group of mutual funds industry professionals. We are a team united through the desire to change the way investment fund products are distributed and delivered to retail and professional investors. As a group we are striving to revolutionize technology and ways the mutual funds are delivered to the investors worldwide.

AMFEX is registered and regulated to offer mutual fund products in two different jurisdictions, Australia and the EU. Our strong global sales force and distribution presence allow us to match funds with investors from various jurisdictions.

Our mission is to provide a complete one-stop fund distribution and analysis solution helping investors to choose the right funds for their investment portfolios. We pride ourselves on being the leading provider of global mutual fund distribution and we deliver our services with a unique combination of professional breadth, vast expertise, and innovative technology processes.

Australian Mutual Funds Exchange Pty Ltd values each and every client and our support team will be delighted to answer any questions.

Office: 9 Castlereagh Street Suite 1710 Sydney NSW 2000

Phone: + 61 2 8005 1970

Email: [email protected]