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AMFEX Trading Platform

AMFEX is the revolutionary Mutual Funds trading platform that offers access to global mutual funds to Individual Investors, Family Offices, Asset Managers, and Brokers. AMFEX investment console delivers a simplified subscription process as well as essential fund and investment information for each listed Mutual Fund. The user interface is easy to navigate for all types of investors from novices to seasoned asset managers.

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Choose from thousands of global mutual funds by using the AMFEX investment platform. You can easily filter and sort by performance criteria, fund domicile, base currency ,and many other fund characteristics.

AMFEX Fund Portfolios

Whether you want to pick long or short-term investment strategies or select conservative or aggressive type of investment, the vast range of Mutual Funds on the AMFEX investment platform will help you to build the desired portfolio that makes the most sense for you.

AMFEX Fund Portfolios

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